Let us be your personal secretary
Foneself is an app that listens to you speak and schedules a reminder call to your phone. No typing necessary.
Record on-the-go reminders
Foneself understands your speech and schedules a reminder phone call for you. Your message will be played back as you recorded it or with a synthesized quality, natural-sounding voice.
Reminder me of lunch tomorrow with Rachel tomorrow at 11:30
Listen to a sample of our voice quality
We use advanced, natural-sounding speech technology.

Sample call:

Time management is critical to your goals
People spend 20% of their time to achieve 80% of their goals. So, you need to maximize the effectiveness of that 20%. Foneself can help you gain more free time, peace of mind, and productivity by calling your phone with important reminders.
What can Foneself help with?
Pay bills on time
Remember birthdays
To-do items and tasks
Plan family events
Plan ahead for vacations around holidays
Meet school deadlines
Never miss appointments
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